Australian label Playdate Studios is committed to creating unmistakable silhouettes in an endless array of signature digital prints inspired by different cities around the globe. Effortlessly feminine in delivery, the collections are a reminder of how bold, bright and fun fashion can be. 


The debut collection - KIDDO KYOTO - flirts with the juxtaposition of nature versus industrial and clashes the two worlds together in the streets of Japan in a magical explosion of patterns. Reminiscent of a modern day Godzilla, with rogue robots invading the exotic cherry blossomed streets of Kyoto. 


NOCTURNAL NEW ORLEANS – continues the story of juxtaposition, exploring the playful contradiction between the conservative tradition and glamour of the deep south the murky darkness and crime of the swampland that runs through it. Clashing vibrant prints in emerald green and shades of purple with overgrown creatures of the swamp, the city is merged in a vivid explosion of rich beauty. 


HALCYON HONG KONG - is a homage to the prosperous, vibrant, pulsing city. Paper is used as a metaphor throughout this collection to represent the ever-changing and evolving nature of this vibrant city. You can't help but feel joyful when you wrap yourself in bold paper fans, soft crumpled paper, or exotic golden koi fish darting through deep blue water. 


ZOIC ZHUCHENG - take us to the crowded world of rural China. Staying true to its bold and inquisitive roots, the collection subtly wakes the sleeping giants of Zhucheng —a city in eastern China with the greatest population of dinosaur fossils worldwide. The collection subtly juxtaposes delicate florals and oriental motifs with skeletal graphics to reflect the Eastern orient. Introducing custom 3-D embroidered lace, the label adds depth and texture to their intricate storytelling techniques — acting as delicate armour to compliment a very sophisticated colour pallet of strong reds, soft lavenders and calming blues and silvers. 


DAYDREAMING DETROIT - explores the rebirth of a city crushed by the collapse of its automobile industry- a vibrant metropolis unaware of the “post-apocalyptic” scene that was to follow. Alive with colour - the promise of new opportunity, the city was abruptly reduced to less than half of its peak population. Chosen not only for its fascinating story of boom to bust, but more importantly for the opportunity that now grows from a revitalized American Dream. Delicate dandelions hold the promise of a wish come true, as Detroit starts to rebuild and reinvent itself. Collaborating with two extraordinary artists, David T Waller of the UK and Wiktor Franko of Poland, Playdate Studios shapes their striking imagery onto beautiful, digitally printed fabrics. Feel rejuvenated in their strong and sporty styling and let the unwavering optimism of the city envelop you in a bold palette of primary colours.


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